Lipstick has a way of leaving more than just a mark on my sheets, coloring my senses cherry red at least for this week

I may not have most of the things in my life together but today I took my hair out after sleeping in a bun and it looked okay so, like

"I am in love with Daisy Lowe. No, not like that, you’re smiling like ‘oh it’s cute.’ I am IN LOVE with her. I want you to give me her address." -Claudia Winkleman (via thattomlinsonsass)

girls are so amazing

feferi replied to your post:i’m taking a history class where we examine…

ok OT but did you see the vines that girl is posting of her listening to the new 1d album from outside julians hotel room because i’m howling

no i have not please give them to me right now

i’m taking a history class where we examine american culture & history through the lens of popular music and i just had the weirdest revelation that pop music is a historical artifact like we listen to history all the time and we don’t even realize it

like one day someone is going to write a thesis on what makes you beautiful and what it says about femininity & the role of women in 2012

one day someone is going to MLA cite anaconda